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Monroe, Louisiana 2 comments

maybeline is now marketing a foundation dream liquid mouse that claims on its commercials that it gives flawless airbrushed pore coverage, this makeup is no better than a dollar store cheap makeup and they are chargeing consumers 10.00 for this *** they are not truthful in their commercials.dont buy it!!

i spent hard earned money that i really did not have on this junk. how can they lie to us and put false information on their products?

they do this with most all their products, as i will never buy maybeline products again.they made this makeup so appealing that everyone i know (female) could not wait to get it, and we all got ripped off!!!!!!!!!

Review about: Dream Liquid Mouse Makeup.



you have my sympathy on that matter. thanks to you i got an idea of the product despite of its good name. :sigh


you have my sympathy on that matter. because i too as a woman, want to pamper myself after all the hardship and all from work, home, etc. thanks to you i got now an idea not to believe on commercials of make up products even aside from their good name.

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